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Pottery Studio

Who We Are

Brie Wolf

Founding Artist / Owner

I am a third-generation potter with a strong dedication to art, education and community enrichment. My formal education is in Early Childhood Curriculum Development, and I also possess over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. I hope to use my strong interpersonal skills to bring a unique sense of connection to the studio and make it an inviting & inclusive space.


Beyond my professional background, I've backpacked through 40+ countries, immersing myself in volunteer opportunities & cultural exchanges. This globetrotting humanitarian journey deeply enriches my vision, which will undoubtedly infuse an appreciation for cultural diversity into the studio.  All of this will shape EarthWorks ClaySpace's identity as an empowering place where students of all ages & abilities can embrace the transformative power of art.

I stand at the helm of this budding business, and believe my unique background, global experiences and passions make me a visionary leader, and through EarthWorks ClaySpace I hope to inspire others to embark on their own creative journeys and serve as a catalyst for positive change.


Kerry Brooke


I've been working with clay since my childhood, always drawn to the unique properties of the medium.  There's really. nothing better for me when it comes to expressing my creativity!  As a ceramist for decades, I love to share my experience and accumulated knowledge with people ages 8 to 88!

As a ceramics instructor, I have taught a wide range of students of all levels.  It is so fulfilling for me to see people experiment with new techniques.  Considering my degree in Arts & Humanities, I too have studied & experimented with various forms of art - but ceramics continues to hold my heart.


Throughout the years, I have participated in various gallery shows and vendor events.  However, as nice as it is to receive positive reactions & admiration for my pieces, ultimately it is the making process that is the most satisfying to me.  There is nothing like holding something made from what was once a lump of clay - now solid - that contains your own creative DNA.  

I am very much looking forward to getting back into teaching (and throwing!) in our new studio space that is sure to have lots of community involvement & engagement!

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Abbey Mae Pitcher

Volunteer Coordinator

I am thrilled to join EarthWorks ClaySpace as Volunteer Coordinator. In this role, I hope to bring the community together to leverage collective talents, efforts, and networks in supporting the studio as it breaks new ground in Merced and creates a space where artists of all kinds can thrive. Professionally, I have a background as a teacher and currently work for a nonprofit that empowers young women in STEM. I'm passionate about educational equity and leveraging partnerships to equip youth as leaders. My primary artistic experience is in dance, but I am excited to explore new creative expressions in ceramics. As EarthWorks ClaySpace opens its doors I am most looking forward to the community gatherings and new connections to come.


Joel Aguilar


Since high school, I have pursued art as a career and studied fine arts with a concentration in painting at CSU Stanislaus.  During my last year in college, I was accepted into the International Program in Florence, Italy, and attended the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts. I've since received recognition for my artistic accomplishments

As a first-generation student, my family was unsupportive of my career path and urged me to pursue a path to a more "serious" major that would lead to a high-paying career. However, their judgment has not stopped me from venturing onto the road less traveled!


My long-term aspirations are to be a conduit for my community by creating meaningful and historical murals & art in the Central Valley while collaborating with emerging artists.

Currently, I am the Lab Technician for the Art Department at Merced College where I have been practicing pottery and learning techniques in ceramic arts. I'm excited for EarthWorks ClaySpace to bring more public art to the community!


Tatem Schaefer

Youth Programs

I'm 24 and an Art Education major at Merced College - I'm currently enrolled in Intermediate Ceramics there.  I've been creating with clay for six years and absolutely love it!  

For the last four years, I have been teaching children in various capacities.  Currently, I am involved in the MARS after-school program at Rivera Elementary School.  Creating art with kids brings me joy; I love seeing their creativity shine!

Although I've tried the potter's wheel a few times, I really enjoy making sculptural hand-built pieces using techniques such as coiling, pinching and slab work.  I love experimenting with different textures and surface designs using various tools & methods.

The local ceramic community is definitely going to grow with EarthWorks ClaySpace in town - I am excited to see it thrive!  

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